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Mini Chicken Coop  
Insulation package optional $300
Houses 12-15 chickens
Chicken door with ramp 
Two windows with screens
Painted T-111 Smart Panel Siding
10x12  A frame Garden Shed
Hi-Tea Green w/Tan Trim
 Gable vent
5' Double Door
$2164  Available
12x26 Log Cabin
Fully Insulated
Wired (8 outlets 2 lights)
8' Loft
6' Porch
$16,999  Inside Unfurnished
Also available in stock now 
14x34 (same specs)  $23,649 SOLD
10x12 Quaker
Quaker tan w/Tan trim
Two windows with screen
Painted T-111 Smart Panel Siding
Single Wood door with glass transim top
Was $2564.00
Discounted Price   $2399.00
12x16 Hi-Side Barn
  Green w/Tan Trim
  Shingle roof
5' double entry door
1 gable vent

12x16 A-frame Garage -  Painted T-111 Smart Panel Siding
Brown w/Green trim
30 year architectural shingle roof
Engineered trusses
8x7 garage door
3' Entry Door  -  1 window 18x27

12x18 A-frame Garage  -  Painted T-111 Smart Panel Siding
Green w/White trim
30 year architectural shingle roof
Framing 16" o/c
8x7 Overhead door
3' entry door
Floorless Model  (built for your concrete pad)

Your Backyard Storage Solution
Chicken Coop

Log Cabin 

Wired for electricity
14x8 storage loft   ---   6' Porch
See your local dealer for pricing
Rent to own not available on this unit

14x34 w/Storage Loft
Economy Barn

12x16 Studio Cottage
Dk. Gray siding
Lite Gray trim
Metal Roof
Insulated and Wired
*This unit is preowned and available-- call for special pricing*
New order price $9719.00
 (Painted T-111)
Rent-to-Own  available on this unit
Call to request information on building availability,
  as  our inventory changes daily.     (406) 478-4001
​Hi-side Barn Standard 

10x12 Sand/White/Weathered Copper
10x16 Dark Grey/Blue/Weathered Copper
10x18 Green/Dark Grey/Dark Grey
12x16 Buckskin/Navajo White/Red
12x16 Navajo White/Red/Weathered Copper
12x20 Blue/Navajo White/Light Stone
12x28 Tan/Quaker Tan/Dark Brown

   A-Frame Shed 

8x10 Green/Red/Red
8x12 Red/White/Dark Brown
10x12 Red/Green/Dark Brown
12x16 Red/White/Black
​Single Car Garage
"Providing the Northwest with first class, affordable garden sheds and garages."
Quaker Shed

A-Frame Garage

12x16 Buckskin/Hi-Tea/Light Stone